Music Programme 
Why Teach Music?

Hetton Lyons Primary School has a long tradition of music.

We recognise that if we want our children to develop a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning we need to provide them with a curriculum that is broad. We want our curriculum to be broad and include first hand experiences that are rich in music culture and art.

How is music taught in school?
Music is taught on a weekly basis in school. Miss Taylor, our peripatetic music teacher, spends a term teaching in each year group over the year. Individual music lessons are available and taught by Mr Langthorne, who also runs our school band.


Singing is an important part of the music curriculum and is intergated throughout the wider curriculum. All children take part in a weekly Hymn Practice assembly with Miss Taylor and singing is used in a range of subjects to consolidate learning. Children in Year 2 and KS2 have the opportunity to sing either with the school choir or with the Rock Choir.

Wider Opportunities

The school band meets on a weekly basis and gives children who have lessons with the music peripatetic teachers the chance to play in a group. We also offer children the opportunity to sit Royal School of Music Exams. Children playing guitar also have the opportunity to sit the 'Acoustic Guitar Debut Grade', curated via the Rock School series of exams.

This year we will also be taking part in local community events such as singing at Beamish Museum, music festivals and at Houghton Feast and the switching on of Christmas Lights in Sunderland and Hetton. We will work alongside other schools in our Trust to provide children with the opportunity for a Big Sing!

Community Opportunities
As a school we have very successful links with Houghton Area Youth Band and CASA Performing Arts. These groups meet on a weekly basis in our school and provide children with a fantastic opportunity to develop their skills with a wide group of young people. For further information on these groups please contact the school office.

To Visit the Houghton Area Youth Band Website please click here

To Visit the CASA Performing arts website please click here

The School Choir
We are really proud of our school choir. They brighten up all school events and support community events. Every year they take part in festivals and competitions and usually come home with an award or trophy!

The School Band
Our school has a very successful school band led by Mr Langthorne. The band meet weekly to practise their pieces and play at school events and in the community. In the last year they have played at coffee mornings and concerts in school. They have also played at the Durham Festival of Brass and Beamish Museum. The children who play in the band have lessons in school and also have the opportunity to play with the Hetton and Houghton Youth Band.

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