Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. At Hetton Lyons Primary School we will be delighted to help you make your decision by explaining the admissions procedure and giving you a flavour of school. The governing body of our school are the admissions authority for our school on behalf of Balmoral Learning Trust. This means that a committee of the governing body considers all applications sent to them by the Local Authority.

Please contact the school office on 0191 5634200 to make an appointment for you to visit us and discuss the admissions process.

The City of Sunderland Admissions Team are on hand to provide advice to parents on all aspects of the admission process. You may contact them on 0191 5205553 or email  

Reception Admissions
Hetton Lyons Primary School has a Published Admissions Number(PAN) of 60. This means we take up to 60 children in each year group. Children who attend a Nursery School will receive a letter in the September prior to the child being eligible to transfer to Reception detailing how to apply for a Reception place.

Children with an Education and Health and  Care Plan that names Hetton Lyons Primary School will be admitted.

Hetton Lyons Primary School follows the admissions procedures set out below:

  1. Looked-after child- A child who is looked after by the Local authority
  2. A sibling link- an older brother or sister that shares the same parent/carer and lives at the same address, who will be still attending the school at the time of admission.
  3. Exceptional medical or psychological reasons
  4. Pupils for whom preferences are expressed on grounds other than those outlined above.

Within each of the categories, a place will be offered on the basis of distance from the centre of the home to the main entrance of the school with priority being given to those living closest to the school. Distance being measured by the shortest safest walking distance using a Geographical Information system (GIS).

Admission to the Reception class is through  an application during the advertised application period. For admission to school in September 2021 the application period is open from 21st September 2020 until 15th January 2021. The application must be made on the City of Sunderland application form. Offers will be made by the Local Authority on the national offer day which is on Friday 16th April 2021. Applications that were received late will only be considered after all those received on time have been considered.

Further information can be found in the local authority Admission to Primary School Booklet which can be accessed via the link below. This document also includes details of how to complete the application, a glossary of terms used as well as hints and tips.

Admission to Primary School - INFORMATION FOR PARENTS 2021/2022

The School Admissions Team are available for further information. They can be contacted on 0191 5611425 or e mail

Parents who are awarded a place may decide to defer that place until later in the year or request that their child attends on a part time place until their child is of compulsory school age. If parents wish to make a request of this nature, they should contact the Head of School to discuss this. 

The Right of Appeal
Where a parent has been notified by the admissions team that a place is not available for their child, every effort will be made to help the parent find a place in a suitable alternative school.
Parents who are refused a place have a statutory right of appeal. Further details of the appeals process can be found on the City of Sunderland web site or by contacting the Chair of Governors at the school address. All appeals are heard by an independent panel.

Children who are unsuccessful in securing a place will be placed on a waiting list which will be held by the school andlocal authority. Should a place become available then the admissions criteria will be applied again to every child on the list.

School Transfers/ In Year Transfers
If your child attends a school  and you would like to transfer them to Hetton Lyons Primary School, there is a protocol to follow before the move can be approved.

In the first instance, you should meet with the Headteacher of the school your child is transferring from to advise that you are considering the move. You will be required to complete and sign a Pupil Transfer Notice, which will also be signed by the Headteacher. In the meantime, you are advised to contact us and make an appointment to meet with Miss Wilson to discuss your child's move and receive our own transition information. This will enable you to make an informed decision as to whether we are the right school for your child.

Once transfer forms have been received and we have spoken to the school your child is transferring from,  we will then be able to verify whether there are spaces in the Year group you require.  You will be advised as to when the transfer can take place.

If there is more than one applicant for a vacant place, the admission criteria will be applied to every child who has applied for the place.

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