School Council

Friends Against Bullying Team
Mrs Robinson, who is the school anti bullying subject leader, works alongside children from every year group to ensure that school is a safe and happy place for every child. Work with the FAB Team is carried out throughout the year and we are a Gold Anti-Bullying School in the Coalfields Area 

The FAB Team are always available at playtimes and lunchtimes and are easily recognisable because they wear red jackets to make them stand out.

In every class there is a worry box, so that if any of the children have any worries about friendships or playtimes and don't feel that they are confident in talking to someone about it, they can write it down and the issue will be dealt with by the class teacher. Mrs Robinson and the FAB Team will also be made aware of issues rasied in class, so they can work together to make sure that all children feel better.

Pupil Voice
The main aim of the School Council is to ensure that every child in our school has a voice that is heard, listened to and respected. The School Council work with Mrs Robinson to discuss school issues, learning and reward initiatives in school.