200 Years of Hetton

Class: Year 6 Year: 2019 - 2020

200 Years of Hetton

We have had an exciting historical autumn term.  Firstly, we studied the history of our local area under the topic of 200 Years of Hetton.  We began with a walk where we looked for evidence of Hetton’s mining heritage and the community that grew up around the mines.  From this we had a visitor into school to show us how to analyse census material and artefacts (primary sources) and then secondary sources.

Many of the old houses still remain as well as many other buildings, such as the old picture house, that now have other uses.  Some pit cottages were moved to Beamish and we were able to experience life in a mining community visiting these cottages, the school, the mine and the chapel.

We even got to investigate the true story of a young boy, James White, who died in an accident at South Hetton Colliery.

We will finish our topic with a look at how industry has changed, after the closure of the mines, with a visit to Nissan next term.

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