Remote Learning Contigency

In the uncertain times we are living in, it is very important that we are fully prepared for the possibility that we may have a full or partial school closure depending on the local Covid tier.

There will be instances where individual children will be self isolating due to either themselves or someone that they live with coming into contact with Covid 19.

As a school we have put together a contingency plan to blend learning at home and in school. This will be reviewed over the term as the Covid situation changes and our skills increase.

The main platform for our home learning is Google Classroom. In order to develop the skills and confidence of adults and children we will set homework on this platform in the autumn term.

Parents will still be able to communicate with school via Class Dojo because we know how successful it was during lockdown. Please ensure that you are able to access your child's Dojo account and let the school office know if you are unable to access it.

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