Distance Learning

It's highly recommended to login to these services using Google Chrome, Wonde Single Sign On uses a Chrome Plugin (Sorry this is not availble for Phones or Tablets) for some services, users will be prompted on access when using Wonde. Your child should have 1 QR code to use with a device webcam, if you are using a device without a webcam, use the Emoji password.

Login with Wonde Single Sign On (SSO)

Important Troubleshooting Steps for Wonde Single Sign On

  • On the login page, please ensure it has the school name of Hetton Lyons Primary School, if not change the school and search for Hetton Lyons Primary School. Click the link above to get to the correct login page to use either or your passwords... If in doubt use "Incognito mode" on Chrome.

Hetton Lyons Primary Google Start Page

Useful Links

World Book Reader - Free Book Access

Teach Your Monster To Read - For Earlier Years (In light of recent events, this application is now being offered for Free on iPad and iPhone, it is also free on Amazon for Kindle Fire devices and it costs 99p on Google Play as a one off cost to download. It's also available on a PC or laptop at teachyourmonstertoread.com)


Parent Guides

Parents Guide - Accessing and Using Google Classroom




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