Year 3 2019 - 2020

Mrs Young

Mrs Ashman

Mrs Cardy

Mrs Young, Mrs Ashman and Mrs Cardy

Autumn Term

Stone Age to Iron Age

Our first History topic this year was Stone Age to Iron Age. We enjoyed learning about how Britain changed from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. We found out about the homes they lived in, the clothes they wore, the food they ate and the tools they used. We found out that you can only use artefacts to find out about this part of History. This is known as Pre-History.

In DT, we really enjoyed gathering apples and berries to make fruit crumble. It was delicious! We also used our cooking skills to make a very tasty vegetable broth. These were recipes that people in the Stone Age may have used.

In Art, we experimented with different media to make rubbings and marks. After evaluating which created the best effect, this was used to make cave painting. We also made Stone Age jewellery using salt dough. We moulded the dough to look like teeth and beads and then painted it when it was dry.

We enjoyed reading Stone Age Boy in Literacy. It was a story about a boy who found himself back in the Stone Age. He discovered what it was like to live like Stone Age people. He had to hunt animals for food and clothes, cook food over an open fire and make spears out of animal horns. We wrote our own version of the story and transformed it into a diary entry written by the Stone Age Boy.

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Animals Including Humans

Our Science topic this half term was all about animals including humans. We began the topic by looking at skeletons and bones. Did you know that you are born with 300 bones but by adulthood you only have 206? We looked at the scientific vocabulary in Literacy during paired reading and found out the definitions for these words. We could then use these to write an explanation about how our bodies move in Literacy. We made a Science model to show how our muscles contract and relax to allow us to move. Did you know that the largest muscle in the human body is in the bottom (gluteus maximus)?

We are looking forward to a visit from a Vet who is going to tell us all about what animals need to stay healthy.

We are going to find out about having a balanced diet. We will start by keeping a food diary over a weekend and looking at the different food groups we eat.

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Active Planet

Our Geography unit is all about our Active planet. So far this academic year our planet has been quite active! We started off with Hurricane Dorian and just recently Hurricane Lorenzo. We have been collecting rainwater and presented this data in a bar chart. We noticed the amount of rainfall tripled as Hurricane Lorenzo struck! In the Spring term we will be exploring this unit more but whenever the planet is active and in the news we will be finding out about it!





We began the year looking at Place Value in numbers up to 1000. We know lots about the value of each digit in three digit numbers. We recognised patterns in sequences and used this to find missing numbers.

Recently, we have used our knowledge of place value to add numbers which has included regrouping. We used the equipment, we drew it and we used the column method for addition.

We are always trying to improve our times tables recall. We use Times Table Rockstars in school and at home to help us.

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