Year 4 Roman Invasion

Date: 27th Sep 2021 @ 10:02pm

In History we have started learning about the impact that the Romans had on Britain. We looked at maps to see the countries that formed the Roman Empire. To help us to imagine what it might have been like for those countries who were invaded and taken over, we staged an invasion in the classrooms!

While 4YC were having the class story in the school garden, 4S invaded their classroom. They were destructive, they stole, they drew on the whiteboard, put peoples names on red on the class traffic light, tipped over chairs, moved tables, put classroom equipment all over the place. The classroom was a mess!

When 4YC returned to the classroom, they were shocked, sad, angry, annoyed. This helped them to imagine what it was like for the people in the countries being invaded. They decided that they would not like to be invaded again! They wanted revenge! Watch out 4S.

4S told us how powerful they felt, they enjoyed invading and taking what they wanted!


Have a look at the photos below.

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