Stone Age

Date: 13th Oct 2021 @ 11:42am


In history we have been learning all about the Stone Age. As this is pre-history, the only way we know about how Stone Age people lived  was to look for artefacts in the ground.  We carried out our own archaeological dig in the school sand pit and were amazed to find spear heads, an axe, a deer antler and a pot. We even used special brushes to protect the things that we found just like real archaeologists.

In cooking and nutrition we made Stone Age soup and bread. This was made with ingredients that would only be found in the Stone age time and we also looked at the balanced diet plate. Do Stone Age people have a balanced diet?

To end our learning a virtual workshop was arranged where we spoke to people from the oriental museum. They showed us lots of real artefacts they had from the stone age and we had to try and describe what they were, what they were used for and if they are still used today.  The artefacts were from the three periods of history. 

Look at our pictures from our Stone Age topic and head over to the gallery for more!

   IMG_2554.JPG  IMG_0807.JPG    IMG_1154.JPG  IMG_2588.JPG  IMG_2584.JPG   IMG_2914(1).JPG  IMG_0802.JPG

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