Stone Age to Iron Age - History November 2020

Date: 5th Mar 2021 @ 11:34am

Our History unit this term has been ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’. We began by finding out what the term ‘pre-history’ means. We used a timeline to place the periods of history we had learnt about in Y1 and Y2 compared to when the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age occurred. We were shocked to see exactly how long ago these were! We began by looking in depth at the three different periods of the Stone Age – the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and the Neolithic times.

We took part in a ‘Stone Age Day’ on the field, where we learnt ho to use flint to make fire, how early humans hunted, made clothes from animal skins, where they lived and what the ate. It was such good fun! We discovered that during the Stone Age, humans discovered how to farm and that they moved from being hunter gatherers to farmers. They then settled in one place rather than travelling from place to place to hunt. We learnt how they moved from cave dwellings to building shelters to live in using timber frames and animal skins as a canvas.

As homework, we were set the challenge of creating and making our own Stone Age style recipes to go into a Stone Age recipe book. Some recipes were more popular than others!

We then compared the Stone Age to life in the Bronze Age and Iron Age. We looked at how the discovery of metals such as Bronze and Iron such an important discovery. We looked at how this plus the change in the types of homes, clothing, diet and the use of tools and weapons changed their way of life forever.

In art, we used Stonehenge as our inspiration to create several pieces of art work. We learnt how to create continuous line drawings and experimented with several sketching techniques such as stippling, crosshatching and hatching can add greater detail to a sketch.

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