Governors Meeting Spring Term 2020

Date: 5th Mar 2020 @ 10:49am

The Local Governing Body met on Wednesday 4th March . At this meeting they made the following decisions:

  • To remain with the City of Sunderland for school meals. As part of this agreement it was agreed that we would trial the new menu for September and that we would agree a menu that our children will enjoy.
  • To open up Dojo to parents. We received feedback from a parent governor who has been part of a trial group of the parents portal. She spoke very positively about how easy the parent portal is to use and how she felt it was good that she could say well done to her children when they received a point and discuss with them why they had done so well.This will enable our parents to see the points children have received in school and what they have been awarded for. It was also agreed that the children would be consulted about the new menu of rewards and that children who decide to save their points would be awarded 10% interest on their savings! Mrs Houghton is the lead member of staff on the Dojo project.
  • Governors agreed that they would take part in a governing monitoring day on Friday 27th March. During the morning they will visit classes, talk to staff and children and sample school lunches.

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