Chinese New Year 2021

Date: 24th Feb 2021 @ 2:08pm

Chinese New Year

In our Topic work, we have been learning about Chinese New Year.

We started off by learning all about the Legend of Nian. We found out that Nian was scared of fire, loud noise and the colour red.

We had lots of fun making our dragon crafts.

We also explored the different ways in which Chinese New Year is celebrated. We made our own lanterns and used those as part of our celebrations.

We also made musical instruments and practised making loud noises to scare Nian away. Children in school had lots of fun making instruments with paper plates and bead. Children who are home learning explored different ways to make loud noises using resources from around their home.

Next up we looked at the story of the Chinese Zodiac. We found out that 2021 is the year of the Ox. We were shocked to find out that the Rat won the race because it jumped onto the Ox’s back! We put the animals in the order that they came in the race.

On Friday 12th February, we celebrated Chinese New Year. We celebrated by wearing red clothes. Children in school had lots of fun taking part in some Chinese dancing. The children used the dragon that they had been making all week in school in their Chinese parade. It was lots of fun dancing around our school! We also had lots of fun tasting some Chinese food – it was super tasty.

Take a look at our ‘Chinese New Year Gallery’ to see lots of pictures of our fun from school!

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