A trip to Tesco

Date: 17th Jan 2022 @ 4:06pm

As part of our topic focus, we have been looking at familar places in Hetton. In our classroom, we have set up a Tesco Role Play. We decided that we needed some food to fill our shop from the 'real' Tesco in Hetton. Before we left for the shop, we wrote a shopping list of things that we would like to buy in Tesco. Then some children walked in small groups to Hetton. When we arrived at the shop, we got a basket from the entrance. As we walked around the shop, we chose things to put in our baskets that were on our list. Once we had ticked everything off our list, we headed to the till to pay. After the shop assistant had scanned our food into the till, we passed over our money, then we got the change and the receipt. We put all of our food into the bags that we had brought with us to the shop. We headed back to the classroom to stack the shelves! We had lots of fun in Tesco and can't wait to explore other shops in Hetton soon. 

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