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Welcome to Year 2 

Scroll down to find out what we are up to this term

Welcome to Year 2! Our classes are 2Y (Mrs Young), 2B (Mrs Barrow) and 2N (Mrs Nichol). P.E. is on Mondays and Fridays. Homework is given out each Friday and is to be completed by Wednesday. Spellings are tested on a Monday and times tables tests are every Friday.

Spring Term 

What a busy  term it has been! Topics covered in the spring term have included Tanzania, Dinosaurs, Habitats, Christianity and Easter. In maths, we have had a fractions frenzy and have all been working really hard to master our 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables...some of us are now onto our 6 times tables! What a clever bunch we are! During P.E. we have been looking at ways to improve our fitness and stamina during athletics...we even managed to squeeze in some maths by measuring time and distance each week and recording our scores in a table! 


We enjoyed a visit to the Wetland Centre at Washington and were very creative with Sally, an real-life artist from the Forge - take a look at our amazing dinosaur that we all took part in making!

What would my life be like if I lived in Tanzania?

We started our topic by exploring some Tanzanian artefacts. We asked questions and handled objects from Tanzania. This was our Geography topic so we used a globe, an atlas and google earth to locate Tanzania. We found and labelled the continents and oceans of the world. In ICT we learnt how to use the internet to research facts about Tanzania. Then we compared the temperatures in Tanzania to England in Maths. How good is that! We classified and compared African animals and then compared human and physical features of Tanzania and England. Did you know that Reverend Anne went to Tanzania last year and this year we have written letters to the children in Tambukareli primary school? We are waiting for a reply! We compared our daily routines to the children in Tambukareli. We finished off by writing a non-chronological report about Tanzania. How interesting is that! 

Here are some photographs of our classroom displays and some pieces of work on Tanzania.

Science Fortnight

Our Science fortnight was to answer the question, "Why would a dinosaur not live here?" We began by being palaeontologists are did a dino-dig! We worked in teams to research dinosaurs to make a dinosaur fact file and to write a non-chronological report on dinosaurs. Next we identified creatures that are dead, never been alive and alive. As part of our Maths compared the height and length of dinosaurs, ordered them and created our very own pictograph. After that we explored habitats in England. We stared with a visit to Washington Wetland centre. 

Washington Wetlands Visit

At the WWT we had such good fun! We went pond dipping, min beast hunting and bird watching. We compared the different habitats of all the creatures that live there. When we were pond dipping we found some tiny creatures. Did you know that the diving beetle actually breathes through its bottom? What a funny fact that is! MATHS ALERT!!!! We did a tally chart of the creatures in each habitat. 

How do Christians celebrate Easter?

Reverend Ann came to talk to us about what happens in the church at Easter. We looked at symbols of Easter and their meanings and spotted them in the Easter Story. We talked about the Easter week. We finished the topic by writing a non-chronological report and making our Easter cards. We hope you like them! 

Fitness Fun!

We have really enjoyed participating in athletics this term. We have been learning how to use the best technique to run in the most efficient way, how to correctly hold and throw a javelin, how to use our arms and legs in the long jump and felt the burn in the speed bounce! We can see how we have improved over the weeks as we have been working together to measure and record how we did. We are now fantastic at measuring in centimetres and are confident when using a stopwatch!

Autumn Term

We are living in a material world!



  • In Year 2 our Science curriculum includes a topic on Materials. The National curriculum says that children should identify and discuss the uses of different everyday materials so that they become familiar with how some materials are used for more than one thing (metal can be used for coins, cans, cars and table legs; wood can be used for matches, floors, and telegraph poles) or different materials are used for the same thing (spoons can be made from plastic, wood, metal, but not normally from glass). They should think about the properties of materials that make them suitable or unsuitable for particular purposes and they should be encouraged to think about unusual and creative uses for everyday materials. Children might find out about people who have developed useful new materials, for example Charles Macintosh.
  • We had to answer the question- What is our school made of? To start with we had a walk around school and identified materials that the school is built with.
  • We did an investigation on which materials are most commonly used in school. We did a tally chart in Cross Curricular Maths to find out what was the most common material. Then we made a bar chart in ICT.
  • We worked in teams to sort materials that are man-made and materials that are natural.
  • We investigated how different materials change shape, either by pulling, twisting, squashing or stretching.
  • In ICT we sorted materials.
  • We looked at the suitability of materials for different objects.
  • We researched Charles Macintosh. Did you know he was a scientist who invented a new waterproof material? He used this material to make waterproof raincoats.
  •  We designed a kite and thought carefully about the different materials we were going to use. We made the kite in teams and tested it out on the yard. Look at our evaluations about the materials we chose!


A real fire on Pudding Lane!

We have been very busy this term in Year 2! We have been learning all about the Great Fire of London. We recreated Pudding Lane, buried cheese and wine, just like Samuel Pepys and watched as 'London' burned!

Visit to Asda bakery

We visited Asda bakery at Washington to find out about how bread is made. We enjoyed eating the different breads just as much as finding out about them! We also made out own bread and wrote instructions.


This term in maths, we have been learning how to write numbers as words, place value of 3 digit numbers and how to add and subtract using column methods including regrouping. We have been working very hard, as you can see in our pictures! Don't forget that we are also working towards learning our times tables and will be tested each Friday.


Our fantastic new reading areas are now complete - who wouldn't like to read a book in these?

Coming Soon

Keep reading 5 times a week because soon we will put on results from each class to see which year 2 class are the reading champions!

What an amazing display we have made!

After all of this hard work, we have created fantastic displays in our classes!

A day in 1666...

'History off the Page' spent a whole day in school with us, bring the Great Fire of London to life. We had a fantastic day rein-acting September 2nd 1666. We dressed up, worked in the market as trades people, fought the fire and learnt all about life during that time. We also dodged the rats and were mini archaeologists in the afternoon! We used this to help us write some super diaries as if we were witnessing the fire.

Visit to Hartlepool Fire Station

Year 2 had a brilliant visit to Hartlepool Fire station. They had fun squirting the fire hose! Mrs Barrow enjoyed trying on the fire fighters uniform. They found out about the amazing jobs fire fighters do. We are now at the end of the topic on the Great Fire of London so this was a great visit because the children found out that because of the Great Fire of London the fire service was introduced.

Technology Tom

We had a visit from Technology Tom. We were learning how to make a fire engine with a ladder that can move. We had lots of fun experimenting with different forces too. Our fire engines are great!

We worked hard for the full day and followed instructions so that our model was made correctly. We have also written our own instructions on how the model was made. Keep a close eye on the website for our writing!

Testing the Models

Watch our videos!

We were making the mechanism to make our ladder move up and down on the model. We tested a variety of ways to see which way worked best.

Let's all fly a kite!