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Welcome to Year 4 

Scroll down to find out what we are up to this term


Year 4 were given the task of improving the school pond area. We began by looking at the area to see what improvements were to be made. 

These were our ideas:

  • Tidy the area.
  • Create a safe habitat for small creatures.  We made fat balls, bug hotels and collected materials to create  safe habitats. 
  • Make the pond area look attractive and pretty for all.

We hope to have these improvements complete by summer term 2018. 

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Who Is A Bright Spark?


In science, we learned about electricity. 

These are the skills we used and the investigations we carried out. 



  • Use science words correctly. 

  • Use science models to describe.

  • Annotate diagrams.

  • Describe patterns, trends and relationships

  • Use science to explain




  • Construct series circuits,

  • Classify objects / pictures into those that use electricity and those that don’t.

  • Identify / recall components (including symbols) of circuits

  • Make a switch using a paper clip or pins.

  • Which materials allow electrical energy to flow? Use ammeter/bulb; use a box of materials to test which completes the circuit. Label as conductors or insulators. Predict.




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What Impact Did the Ancient Romans Have on Britain?


In history, we learned about the Ancient Romans. 

We found out:

  • What the Ancient Romans gave us.
  • Why the Ancient Romans  invaded Britain.  4G invaded 4S to get a feel of what invasion would have felt like.  
  • Boudicca and her rebellion.

We visited Segedunnum, an Ancient Roman fort, in Jarrow.  We had lots of fun learning about the Roman Army, marching in formation, Boudicca and exploring the ancient ruins.  

 We also looked at Rome today and we found out about:

  • The famous landmarks tourists can visit. 
  • We compared the differences between the climate in Hetton and the climate in Rome.  
  • In cookery, we made some traditional Italian dishes, such as; arribiata, pizza and biscotti.