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Welcome to Year 2 

Scroll down to find out what we are up to this term

This year in Y2 we have Mrs Ryder (2R) and Mrs Barrow (2B). We are supported by Mrs Reynolds, Miss Graham and Mrs Lawson. 

Important Information

Homework for Literacy and Maths is given out each Friday and is to be returned to school by the following Wednesday. Reading books are also changed each Friday. Don't forget to listen to your child read five times per week and record how many pages and comments in your child's diary! Not only are we, as a whole school, trying to read one million pages, but each class has it's own reading challenge where children are rewarded for frequent reading!

After Christmas, we will be also practicing our 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables and children will be tested on their knowledge as part of Friday maths lessons - who will be a times tables champion?

P.E days are Tuesdays (indoor) and Fridays (outdoor).Please ensure that your child has the correct PE kit in school at all times.

Uniform - could you ensure that all  uniform has your child's name in - when children are in different classes for Literacy and Maths, playing 'guess the jumper' is an impossible game!

Spring Term

Great North Museum

We began the spring term with a visit to the Great North Museum in Newcastle. This was part of out topic on dinosaurs. We took part in a fossils workshop where we learnt an awful lot about how fossils were formed over millions and millions of years! We also got to hold a mysterious fossils that turned out to be...dinosaur poo! Take a look at our photos of the terrifying T-Rex and all of the other fascinating things that we investigated.

When we returned to school we wrote a wonderful recount of our visit. We used the fabulous facts we had collected to write a non-chronological report about dinosaurs. In maths we collected data for our favourite dinosaurs in the form of a tally chart, pictogram and a bar chart.

Washington Wetland Centre

As part of our habitats topic we visited Washington Wetlands Centre to learn all about woodland and pond habitats. Even though it was a very cold and rainy day we still had a fabulous time. First we went pond dipping and found some amazing creatures which we looked at under a microscope. Then we got to visit the otters at feeding time, they had a very interesting smell! Perhaps the best part of the day was when we got to feed the ducks, they came so close that they actually fed from our hands. Whilst in the bird hide we were lucky enough (and quiet enough) to observe a squirrel scampering up and down a tree. We couldn't believe our eyes when a woodpecker appeared and started tapping on the tree trunk in front of us!

Year 2 Super Star Skippers!

In March Year 2 took part in a skipping festival. All the children performed exceptionally well and it has set off a craze for skipping in the whole of Year 2. We are really proud of the children who initially found it very difficult to skip, but they demonstrated real resilience and determination to succeed and they are now super star skippers.

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Eco Fortnight

We began our time in Y2 with a fantastic science fortnight where we looked at ways to save water! Mrs Bell said that Mrs Reynolds was using too much water when watering the Y2 garden so we had to investigate ways that we could save money! First, we thought about where water comes from- this was a bit of a tricky question at first, but when Mrs Barrow put this question on our 'Wonder Wall' some of us carried out our own research at home and brought in the answers! It turns out we get water from rain and not a water factory! What a surprise that was!

After that, we shared ideas about how we could collect water to use in our garden - we discovered that trying to scrape it out of puddles was not such a good idea after all! We thought long and hard about this then some of us realised that our Grandad's had big barrels in their garden to collect water in. We designed an investigation to make our own rain gauges to see how much water we could collect and recorded our results every day for a fortnight. We are now hoping for our very own water butt to help us to water the plants that we have planted after visiting the local garden centre. We researched which types of plants could be grown over winter during ICT and had a great time planting them!

We also thought about how we could save water each day and decided to see if turning off the tap when washing our hands could save very much water...we were shocked at the results!

Come and take a look at our photos - we really enjoyed our investigations!

Fire! Fire!

Wow, we really loved every minute of our  Great Fire of London topic and enjoyed sharing everything we had discovered with anyone that would listen! We used our maths skills to order events on a timeline and  visited Seaham fire station were we found out all about the important jobs that fire fighters do ...oh and all got to squirt the hose more than once! We also learnt about how to stay safe around fires and fire safety in the home.

Technology Tom came in and we designed and created our own fire engines with moving ladders as part of out Design Technology curriculum. 'One Day Creative' visited us and we took part in drama workshops recreating the days of the fire. We then wrote our own recounts as if we were really there during Literacy lessons. We also wrote as if we were Samuel Pepys - did you know he buried his wine and Parmesan cheese in the garden to save it?

In Art, we investigated how to mix 'hot' colours to create fire pictures and added silhouettes to look  like London burning in 1666. We also made our own Tudor houses out of boxes and built our own Pudding Lane on the school field. Watch the video clip below to see our very own real fire! This helped us to describe the fire in our writing.

Next, we visited Asda bakery at Washington to discover how bread was made, then made our own and wrote instructions but perhaps the best part was eating the warm, crusty bread that we had baked...mmmm, yummy!


This term we have learnt to play a new instrument. The Ocarina is an ancient wind instrument, a type of vessel flute. We have learnt to play London's Burning and Old McDonald has a Farm. We performed at the Christmas coffee mornings.

Materials, materials...everywhere!

For our second Science topic of the term, we were asked 'What is our school made of?' We began with a learning walk around school to answer this question...we were surprised by how many different materials were used!

We then sorted and classified materials, looked at their properties, investigated how or if different materials could changed shape, be bend squashed or stretched and as if by magic, while we were looking at how we could change certain solids, liquids or gases, it snowed! We had amazing fun investigating which category snow fell into, how it could be changed and explaining why it happened!

Marvellous Maths!

Just look at how much we have learnt in maths this term! We began by looking at place value of numbers up to 1000- we are very good at using the equipment and drawing out the amounts to help us! Then we looked at mental strategies to help us to quickly solve calculations without always having to use written methods and are continuing to try to find out four ways to try and solve the same question such as by using number bonds, doubles, halves and adding or subtracting ten then adjusting the ones.

We didn't believe Mrs Ryder, Mrs Barrow and Mrs Young when they told us in September that we soon would be adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers including regrouping...but look at how confident we are! Next term we will begin by looking at multiplying and dividing!

It's that most wonderful time of the year...

Wow! It's December already! Not only have we been very busy practising for our performance 'Little Angel Gets Her Wings' but we have also been learning about symbols of light at Christmas and Festivals of Light in different cultures as part of our R.E. curriculum. We have made our own christingles - ask us to tell you what each part represents!

In art, we designed our calendars. This year, we used a loom to weave different shades of paper then created a collage effect to match our theme using a range of different materials based on the themes 'Space', 'Great Fire of London', 'Woodlands' and 'Under the Sea.' Don't they look amazing?

We hoped that you enjoyed our Christmas production - didn't we do well?