Hetton Lyons Primary School

Uniform Policy

It is our policy that all children wear school uniform when attending school, or when participating in events outside of school. At Hetton Lyons Primary School we believe uniform plays an important role in our school’s ethos and gives children pride in their personal appearance.

Research shows that uniform helps to promote a sense of pride in the school, it helps children to feel part of a community and it supports academic progress. At Hetton Lyons Primary we are committed to equality and feel that this is promoted by the wearing of school uniform. We do not promote the wearing of any uniform that is branded. We also believe that school uniform is practical and designed with health and safety in mind.

Our uniform consists of:

  • navy sweatshirt or cardigan
  • grey or black trousers, skirt or pinafore
  • white polo shirt
  • black shoes (no logos). School shoes should be flat and sensible. Fashion footwear, if only for safety, is unsuitable. If boots are worn these should also be plain black. Parents should ensure that their child wears shoes that they can take on and off independently.
  • blue and white check dress
  • grey shorts

PE kit

  • white t-shirt or polo shirt
  • plain navy shorts (no logos or brand name)
  • plain navy joggers (no logos or brand name)
  • plain navy hoodie (no logos or brand name)
  • trainers

During COVID-19 we are requesting that children come to school dressed in their P.E. kit. Please ensure all clothing is clearly named using sew-in or iron-on name labels if possible.

Further information regarding school uniform:

For health and safety reasons children should not wear jewellery unless it is of a small object of religious significance. If your child wears earrings for school, they must be a small plain stud. Children will be asked to remove them for PE and swimming to prevent them causing injury; earrings cannot be covered with plasters for P.E. Please note that staff in school are not permitted to remove earrings for children. If you wish to have your child’s ears pierced, please do this at the start of the summer holiday to ensure they can take them out for PE in September.

Watches may be worn to tell the time but smart watches that have multiple functions and are either linked to a mobile service or take a photograph are not to be worn for school.

It is not appropriate for children to come to school with multiple hair colours, decorative patterns such as tramlines shaved into their heads, hair that is of varying lengths, hair extensions or coloured braids. Children should also keep styling products to a minimum if they use them at all. It attracts unwanted attention and can sometimes distract from the children’s learning. Parents will be contacted if a child arrives at school with what is deemed to be an ‘inappropriate’ hair style.

Long hair should be tied back at all times and especially for PE. We would appreciate it if hair accessories were kept to a sensible size and school colours; without large bows or flowers.

Children should not wear any nail varnish or make up and will be asked to remove them if either is worn to school.

The Role of Governors

The local governing body supports the school in implementing the uniform policy. It is the governors’ responsibility to ensure that the school uniform meets all regulations concerning equality. They also ensure that the uniform policy is practical and enables children to dress appropriately for learning.

If there are changes to the uniform policy governors will consult with parents to ensure they agree with and support the policy. They will also work with the head of school to consider any requests from parents for individual children to have special arrangements for uniform.

The Role of Parents

Hetton Lyons Primary School believes it is the responsibility of parents to ensure their child has the correct uniform for the school day that it is clean, in good repair and has their child’s name written on all items. If parents are having a difficulty with uniform, they can speak in confidence to a member of staff who will help to resolve the issue and be assured that school will do everything they can to support the family.

If children are wearing non-school items for school or PE they will be provided with a clean item from school stock to wear for either the day or the PE lesson. Parents will be contacted to discuss the matter and to offer support.

Hetton Lyons Primary School welcomes all children. If there are requests on religious grounds or SEND sensory needs these will be considered sympathetically and individually. Parents should, in the first instance, discuss any requests for uniform adaptation with the head of school.

Where can I purchase school uniform?

Our school uniform colours allow parents to purchase items from the majority of high street shops and supermarkets. If parents would like to purchase items with the school logo the details are below.

Uniform with the school logo can be purchased at Little Gems either online at                                          https://theschooloutfit.co.uk  or in person at 259 High Street West, Sunderland, SR1 3DH and Unit 5, The Galleries shopping Centre, Washington, NE38 7SD.

Little Gems can offer a larger range of sizes upon request. If you require uniform larger than a size small adult, please selcet the small adult and leave a note in the comment box requesting the size you want to order. 

And finally…………...

All clothing should be clearly labelled with your child’s name so that it can be easily identified if lost. The school cannot accept responsibility for any lost items.

Our uniform is now available to purchase online, please find further information below.

Browse and Purchase School Uniform Online from Little Gems

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