Staff Responsibilities

In our school members of staff carry special responsibilities. Please use the list below to see who is the best member of staff for you to contact. All members of staff can be contacted via the school office.

Senior Leadership Team- The Senior leadership team are responsible for the startegic direction of the school. This ensures the aims of the school and Balmoral Learning Trust are met. This includes overall responsibility for staffing, finance, safeguarding, educational standards and assessment. 

CEO Balmoral learning Trust - Mrs Bell

Head of School- Miss Wilson

Deputy Head- Miss Roberts- Curriculum Lead

Assistant Head- Mrs Young- KS2 phase leader, Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Other leaders in School

Mrs Williams- EYFS Phase Leader and EYFS SEN Lead

Mrs Ryder- PE Lead and KS1 SEN Lead

All teachers in school take responsibility for an area of the curriculum or an aspect of school life. Their responsibilities are:

Mrs Metcalfe and Miss Staward- Mathematics

Mrs Etherington and Miss Raine- English

Mrs Richardson- Science

Mrs Cardy and Mrs Pauc- Geography

Mrs Houghton- History

Mrs Ashman- Music

Mrs Barrow- Art

Mrs Nichol- Design and Technology

Mrs Gibson and Miss McIntosh- ICT

Miss Parkin - KS1 Writing

Mrs Robinson- Personal Development including Pupil Voice and Careers

Miss McIntosh - RE



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