ICE CATS By Holly Smith, Chloe Henderson and Darcy Steckles McCartney


This week we had an exciting visitor from ICE CATS in school teaching us important messages about how to keep ourselves safe online and in the event of an emergency. ICE CATS stands for Incase of emergency, children, adults, teacher safety. ICE CATS taught us an important message to be safe on the internet. We learnt that if we leave our phone i pad on while gaming, people can hack into your phone and watch you while you are in your room, out in the park or even when you are out with your friends and family. In addition to this we were instructed on how to keep safe in the event of an emergency in terms of the best body shape to take if we had to lay still and how safely evacuate from a building or theme park.

Many thanks to the ICE CATS for coming into our school to educate us  from Darcy, Chloe and Holly   

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