Keeping Children Safe

During the Covid 19 Pandemic there is an addendum to the Child Protection Policy. This sets out the arrangments and contact details if a member of staff or parents has a safeguarding concern. The addenum is attached to the bottom of this page.

There is also an updated CP policy for Covid 19 . This can also be accessed at the bottom of this page.

Safeguarding - We Safeguard our School Community
If you have a concern about a child or any member of our school community please speak to Mrs Bell who is the designated safeguarding lead or Miss Wilson and Miss Roberts who are  the designated deputies.

Mrs Woods is the designated Governor for Child Protection.

Please contact the school office if you wish to speak to any of our named designated persons or would like a copy of our Child Protection Policy, a copy of this policy is also available to download at the bottom of this page.

Our Child protection Policy is reviewed and agreed by our Governors on an annual basis in the autumn term. The policy includes the revised guidance issued in Keeping Children Safe in Education 2020

This policy is part of a group of policies that are designed to keep all of our children and adults safe. Staff receive annual training on the policy and updates during the school year. Mrs Bell, Miss Wilson and Miss Roberts attend Designated Safeguarding Lead training every term.

The City of Sunderland Local designated Officer is Danielle Rose she can be contacted on 0191 5613901. She is responsible for allegations against a member of staff.

Complaints Allegations Management
Details of the procedures involving a complaint against a member of staff can be found here

Operation Encompass
This is a new innovative project in which schools in Sunderland are participating, and which is run in partnership with Sunderland City Council and Northumbria Police. 

The project, which commenced in Spring 2017, aims to support children who are affected by domestic abuse.  Witnessing domestic abuse is really distressing for a child or young person, who often see the abuse, hear it from another room, see a parent’s injuries or distress afterwards or can be physically hurt trying to stop the abuse. 

As a result, following any domestic abuse incident being reported to the police, the Police will make contact with the Council’s Initial Contact and Referral Team who will then communicate relevant and necessary information to nominated school staff.  This will ensure that the school is made aware at the earliest possible opportunity and can subsequently provide support to children in a way that means they feel safe and listened to. 

Each school has members of staff (key adults) who have been fully trained in liaising with police and Children’s Social Care when required, and will ensure that the necessary support is made available to the child following the disclosure of a domestic abuse incident. 

I believe that this project demonstrates our school’s commitment to working in partnership to safeguard and protect children, and to providing the best possible care and support for our pupils. 

In the meantime, if you would like to speak to someone further about the project or require further information please contact our key adults in school who are Mrs Bell and Miss Wilson

You can also find out more information here

Operation Endeavour

This is a new project that aims to build on the success of Operation Encompass. 

Did you know that in the UK  100,000 children go missing every year. Of these children 25% of them are at risk of serious harm through criminal activity, county lines activity, sexual explotation etc.

Operation Endeaviour has been set up to increase the awareness in schools around children and young people who go missing and to offer them support on their return.

Whistle Blowing
Every school is required on an annual basis to publish a Whistle Blowing Policy. This policy is part of the safeguarding suite of policies. It protects children by safeguarding staff who report colleagues they believe are doing something wrong or illegal or who are neglecting their duties.

Whistle Blowing Policy 2020


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ICECats is a program to help support staff, children and parents learn how to respond to an emergency or an evacuation and lockdown procedure. Every child in school took part in a workshop to learn safety procedures and methods which they can apply in an emergency. 

Here are some photographs of all of the children taking part in the training.

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