The School Curriculum
At Hetton Lyons Primary School we view the school curriculum as a way of developing knowledge and skills, raising standards, establishing an entitlement for all pupils, establishing teacher expectations, fostering a love of learning and to promote understanding of the wider world and life in multi cultural Britain.

Our school Curriculum Policy sets out the aims of the curriculum, how it is planned and how it links  to other policies.

Please clink the link for a copy of the Curriculum Policy

There is also a curriculum policy for our children who are working pre national Curriculum in the EYFS.

 Please click the link for a copy of the EYFS Policy

Please find below a summary of our school curriculum for each year group. Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum 2014  and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum through a series of themes that have a main subject link. Some subjects such as art, D.T. and music are taught in more cross curricular way.Science and RE are taught as separate independent subjects but may have links to other subjects e.g. science may have links to elements of maths.

There are details of the knowledge and skills developed in each subject on the subject specific pages. These are being updated over the autumn  term by subject leaders in preparation for January 2020.

This long term plan is revised on an annual basis by staff and the governing body to ensure that it remains relevant and responds to local and national events. It may also include themes and curriculum weeks linked to the school Improvement Plan.

In 2019/20 the additional themes are linked to a personal development project called Fridays Are... and teaching staff to focus on how children learn as well as what they learn.

Each unit of learning is assessed by staff at the end . This assessment information is reported to parents at parents evenings and in the end of the school year in a written report.

The RE Curriculum
In addition to the National Curriculum schools are required to teach RE. All of the schools in Sunderland are required to teach the Locally Agreed Syllabus. 

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