Breakfast and After School Club
Breakfast Club - Mrs Wardle, Mrs Whittle, Mrs Swift and Mrs Rowland

The Breakfast Club runs from 7.30am every school day.

We offer a selection of healthy breakfast foods including toasts, cereals, yogurt, fruit, smoothies and fruit juices.

Places do not need to be booked. Children can attend any day and pay on arrival.

Quotes from our children at Breakfast Club

“It’s fun! You get milk and the toast is really nice”

“It’s enjoyable. You can choose what you have, you get to sit down with your friends and talk”

“It’s good because you can choose the topping for your toast!”

"Sometimes we have new things for breakfast like croissants."

After School Club- Mrs Scott, Miss Wilson, Mrs Wardle, Mrs Whittle and Mrs Reynolds
The After School Club runs from the end of school  every school day apart from the last day of the summer term.

The times are:
Monday to Thursday pick up at either 4.30pm or 5.30pm
Friday pick up at 4.30pm 

Children are picked up for after school club from their classrooms at the end of the school day.

A wide range of activities are offered to the children; both quiet relaxed sessions and more active games outside.Children are able to complete their homework and children who stay until 5.30pm will also be heard to read by the staff. Children who attend other after school clubs can be picked up by staff for the second session.

Children who attend the first session only are given a light snack and drink. Children who attend the whole session are given a more substantial snack.

How do I book after school club?
After school club places can be booked by contacting the school office. We always have spaces available for one off bookings and emergencies. 

Child Care costs
Please click the link to find out about the cost of child care. There is a discount for families with more than one child. We also accept payment by child care vouchers. Please speak to office to arrange payment this way.

Child Care costs November 2020

Quotes from children at the After School Club

“I love how everyone is nice and friendly and how there is lots to do”

“I like that we get to play Timestable Rock Star”

“There are lots of people and you can make new friends”

“I enjoy drawing and doing art”

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